A helpful add-on for any style rider to get the Enjoyment of riding

for the Fun, Exercise, or just plain Transportation
Add a electric motor to your bike for pedal assist



Electric bikes make commutes more inviting by easing worries about hills, headwinds, and fatigue. “They increase the distance that people can ride comfortably. Commuters on e-bicycles are also less likely to arrive at the office dripping with sweat. It seems like a small

detail, but it’s a big deal to a lot of people.

Baby boomers are an obvious market for electric bicycles. “We’re seeing an aging population, and a growing number of people getting back into cycling,”. Urbanization will be another driver of electric bike sales, as will the obesity crisis, rising health care costs, and the desires of employers to encourage their workers to become more active.

Unlike drivers of electric cars who are plagued by “range anxiety,” electric bike owners don’t have to worry about running out of electricity: They can travel under their own power, assuming they’ve got the energy to pedal a bike. Batteries typically deliver 20 miles of assisted riding, and they can be recharged in a few hours in ordinary power outlets.

“Although the e-bicycle will remain a niche product in the United States, the U.S. market is expected to expand at a annual growth and will make e-bikes a viable choice for thousands of new users ."

Last year I bought two Electric bikes online. Nether bike performed well out of the box and both bikes had issues that made them barley able to ride. Not having the knowledge and not knowing where to take them for the repairs, I came upon an ad in a magazine for Bikericity in Colorado Springs. Jim’s company was a great find. A nice honest and very talented electric bike repair tech. Jim guided me through the changes and repairs that were needed.
My bikes are performing flawlessly. My wife who has MS is able to exercise once again. We are thrilled with the professional service Jim has provided us. The bill was very reasonable for all the work that was needed. I will be a life time customer.                                                              

                                                                Thanks for the great job                                                             

                                                                        James Landon

Customer Comments

Thanks for all of your effort in doing the conversion as well as all of your help and educating/familiarizing us on the E-Bike world! I learned a lot along the way, and it was fun helping out by fabricating the battery shelf and front wheels' transport brace. Will keep in touch with you.
                       Bob & Mary with the Quad conversion


I got a lot of use from my bike until the first snow. Will ride again in the spring.